Email Services

We here at SCOM support all modes of email.

Basically email started out in the early 1970’s using POP protocols
POP worked but bandwidth was not so good back then so we migrated to IMAP

IMAP protocol basically downloads the email headers (basically from, to, subject, date etc) and will then download the email after the fact or when the email message is accessed.

As Microsoft came on the scene they started working and pushing towards exchange email.
Although exchange (using outlook as a client) was very pretty to look at it was very slow, was always syncing which made it unuseable on large email boxes and accounts.

Today email has gotten so widespread we can not live without it.

Most devices still support IMAP but most push customers into outlook / exchange email.

Take blackberry’s when they first came out they would support pop and exchange but not IMAP
In fact they went out of there was to go microsoft support with blackberry servers etc.

In the mean time IMAP carried on as the international standard and more or less (pending opinion) the standard world wide.

Outlook (Current as of writing 2019) just does not support IMAP, when you google the issue the only answer is if you have access to an excahnge style server then use that.

Simply put large corporations are pushing standards that are good fo them and NOT the end user.

Since this is the world we live in today SCOM setup a sogo office style server that allows you to access you emails, address book etc while supporting POP, IMAP etc.

Basically SCOM supports all standard email formats including SSL access.

SSL access is yet another mess the internet powers to be invented.
When accessing you emails SCOM does support ssl for sending and receving emails.
If nessesary we can get you a certificate to satisfy your own domain to make it look more secure ?

Any way you look at it we have the ability to support any platform you choose.