Commercial Voip Service(s)

We here at SCOM use a fully supported Astrisk Server supporting anything for single lines, fax to email, did numbers, Virtual T1 lines

All Services are unlimited useage along with Canada wide free LD Services at no extra cost.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote unique to your needs.



Please note the following requirements for SCOM Voip Services

When Voice over IP was introduced everyoine sold it on the basis that it was cheep phone service.

Although the cost per features gained is most defanitely a head of the game, everyone did not take into account security, bandwidth to handle the call flows etc

Our experience over the years has come up with these requirements which we hope customers will follow.

1. Internet Connection
    Your Internet Connection MUST be dedicated, at least 25M down & 10M up along with a static IP Address
    It needs to be noted that bandwidth is shared accross the internet, if you want reliability etc then please follow these guidelines

2. Security
     Static IP’s are requested so that your account does not get hacked.
     Since the early days of VOIP people just do not want to pay for phone services ….
     that being said a static ip will ensure that your connection is the only one logging in
     passwords do help but that was hacked years ago on all systems and asterisk styles
     so please keep that in mind.

     Please understand