Dedicated VPN Services

We here at SCOM have learned the hard way over the years
Everyone can do VPN routers and soforth but we specialize in custom router builds using the FreeBSD operating system.

FreeBSD has been around for years and was the base for the apple mac & iphone operating systems.
FreeBSD is very network oriented towards networking / routing with the builtin NETGRAPH protocols which handle L2tp, Pptp, IPsec etc
Since it is open source that means two endpoints can be programmed on custom private ports bypassing the ability of upstream providers snooping packets and possibly your data.

The fun part about human beings is we have a tendency to do things the right way the first time around !
Take the vacum tube perfected in the early 1900’s
Yes is was bulky, took much power to operate etc …
However it was what is called a voltage amplifier, basically when amplifying an audio signal it used voltage and not current to do the work.
Voltage is much more cleaner then current based amplifiers (the transistor was origionaly a current style device)
W eventually used transistor technoloy to create a thing called a mosfet transistor which ended up being a voltage style amplifier.
So basically we went round circle

L2TP was the first real standardized protocol for moving data accross two access points

Going back to the phone pbx days ISDN lines were the first 64k data line primarly used for moving hi quality voice around and then eventually network data
As technology grew we learned how to combine multiple ISDN lines together evntually creating a T1 line (24 isdn lines together)
We kept going to T3 (48+ lines) and then eventually 10M fiber etc

Many other protocols are still in use today but we find our selves back to L2TP standard with IPSEC for a security layer on top.

FreeBSD supports all of this with the benifit that custom ports keep your upstream provider away from the packets.
Since ports 1701 (l2tp) & 1723 (pptp) ports, 601 for openvpn etc all are standard well documented ports upstream isp’s look at the data flow on these ports and then regulate the speed of the data when these ports are used.

When you move to a custom port above 10000 then it looks like normal surfing traffic etc and not subject in general to the speed getting regulated.

We can built custom routers that support ALL technologies

MPD5 is a program unique to FreeBSD using the NETGRAPH protocol layer built in.
This gives us the ability to customize data flow between two points connecting to any upstream isp and support the connection accordingly.

Where custom FreeBSD router’s & SCOM come in is many upstream ISP’s are now using a protocol called double nat
Double nat allows many customers to get a private 10.x.x.x ip adresss from the ISP and then share one IP address on the internet
Although this is nessesary because the number of IP addresses are running out and IPV6 which was meant to upgrade this wont really be avaliable with propersupport for another ten years double natting ended up being the only way to go.

However at the same time a lot of ISP’s will not longer provide a static ip address to allow use of your camera’s, network resources etc.

Where we come in is we can provide a static ip via a Freebsd router on your end using the bandwidth that we have at peer1 to allow a static ip address via a dedicated vpn connection.

When you put it all together you have two firewalls controlling your data designed to work with your network requirements that allow connections from any device any where in the world regardless of location and upstream ISP services.