Custom Firewall Services

In todays world it has been my experience that there are plenty of firewall server’s, software around and have been implemented

We here at SCOM prefer to concentrate on unix based FreeBSD firewalls

FreeBSD has been used for the basis of the apple operating systems (both mac & ios), also firewalls like PF Sense have been based on FreeBSD as well.

On anothe note many NAS (Network Access Servers) have also been based on FreeBSD

In general this has been done because FreeBSD concentrates on networking and controling data flow between any points within a network.

We here at SCOM can provide custom firewall / file server access with all the security required without nessesarily spending a ton of money and then having to update, update, update !!!

Most system can be loaded, configured and installed without the need for constant maintence past the inital install.

Please feel free to contact SCOM for more details as we would need details on the network design required by you to engineer a solution.