Domain Name Services (DNS Services)

Basically when you register a domain name the way it works is you are getting the name through a primary registrar

This can be quite confusion so I will try to explain

Owning a domain name is just that, you own the name (in these examples we will be using as an example on how thisĀ  works and what really happens in the background.


Ok so we have registered
When we registered the domain it was probably asking for name servers to be used

mine are

these names point to my dns servers that do the next step in the translation of where to go on the internet.

In order for you to surf to a website you basically need to translate (for example) into an ip address

so for example –>

So long story short to get to

the domain registrar looks up the domain
it then points to one of the dns servers ( for example as per above)
it is then the responsibility (the next step) for to lookup what you are actually looking for (
which returns the ip address
from there your browser (what you probably type into)
then inserts that into the apache web server (a program that serves up the page)